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ence with a foreign body lying near the isthmus unless you

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which was instantly followed by the louder and more distinct

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10. Davis, D. J., /. Infect. Dis., 1907, iv, 73; 1917, xxi, 392.

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press upon the reader certain truths of so general an applica-

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of better methods for the treatment of nervous diseases has long been felt r

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been sent out by the secretary of the Congress to the members

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delirium of active cerebral hyperaemia is characterized by great agitation

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4. Rozashegyi: Centralbl. f. Bakteriol., 1887, 2, 418.

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The discussion which followed was of considerable length. Dr.

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operation. The character of the tumor is not mentioned.

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where moved to Inman Mills. Pellagrin 514, who had had her initial

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of caustics. In treatment it is essential that the employment be inter-

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on brain-diseases, ChrieHnger has shown that, under some circum

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clinic ; Attending Surgeon to Presbyterian Hospital ; Surgeon-in-Chief^

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