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Both are doing well to-day. It was interesting to hear the
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of the lamina spiralis of the cochlea, in a manner comparable to
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and many cases illustrative of the pathological character of the
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osving to the frequency of extensive adhesions and com-
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Hospital service, appointed to investigate its origin and prev-
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tween the commencement of an illness and a resultant
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interesting theory, and should receive deserved consideration.
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should adopt the liberal principle in all our dealings.
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failing to produce a ferment (which normally is necessary for the proper
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he will probably have no need for a specialist. If you find a tobacco
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cases the liniment first acts as a derivative of blood and nervous
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lien nombre de fois sans etre precedee d'aucun d'eux et ne
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(though the latter is not to be ignored), and that mod-
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21. — Robson reports 3 cases of removal of the supra-
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local inflammation of the larynx and trachea. Post-mortem examina-
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developed disease. The total number of leukocytes per Ccm. remains
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loath, to say the least, to discard the judicious use of al-
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right base, and, despite all we could do, she died the next evening,
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quite possible I may yet go mad!" (August 9th, 1852.)
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less teaching be based on a proper conception of the objects ot
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cities of the world; among which awards are the great Medals
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this in a man from whom I removed the left lower jaw for
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attended with great restlessness, tossing, rising from bed, looking about
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endeared himself to his patients and inspired their confidence.
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head in tropical countries, on the ground that were this not
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The subject of the introductory lecture of Dr. Mapother,