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Bull ( C. S. ) Gouty retinitis, chorio- retinitis, and
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case was a young man, twenty-six years of age, who was taken the
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hospitals, dispensaries, diet kitchens, etc., and the very great
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136," contusion and fracture of metacarpal bones, tetanus 10th day, death 2d daj;
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[Gr. laxetv to restrain -|- fiv^c^ menses. ] Suppres-
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Case of Old Maid's Ovaries; Retroversion and Chronic Appen-
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more inclined to sit still in the house ; yet he has been able to perform
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' ProfcBsor Arthur Keith, " A I)enionstnition of SpccimenR illustrating Cysts of the
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litic influence, however, remains continuous for months,
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Calabar, and the Akazga-poison of the Gaboon; and, among the
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at three and continue until adjournment. Members of
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phylococci, are apt to be associated with them. These
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Cerebos is certainly a most elegant table preparation of salt, and one
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upon it by equally great authorities the most glaring
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Von Graefe's and Stellwag's signs, weak, rapid and irregular pulse
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one Irindly presented t.> me by Dr. Beatty, I and the hitter is ball Ma Inch
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Barnes and Ward (of the Dreadnought), Xorman Chevers (of
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would remove those common agglutinins for which they have the proper
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the profession in the diagnosis of specimens of pathological material
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oflf the eggs which penetrate the adjacent mucosa giving rise to inflam-
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in speaking. She also complained of a feeling of formication
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duction is not excited by respiratory influence on the medulla.
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must ensue from these incisions, since union by adhesion or granulation