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Tadalist Medicine

A complete reference handbook of modern therapeutics and treat-

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Definition. — Inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney. The com-

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mental exertion, extreme emotional activity (grief, Avorry, and shock),

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anemia. Although the intellect is not impaired, except that mental ex-

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During epidemics of foot-and-mouth disease the poison may be trans-

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of the gradual changes which take place in the organ in extreme old

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state in producing invagination may be either a thrusting forward of

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acid. This may be placed in a test-tube or wine-glass, and some of the

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In obstruction caused by intestinal j) are sis there is generally a history

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of treating obesity, and that method must be selected which invigorates,

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lism in these cases. Emboli may also become detached from cardiac

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tions are confined to a portion of one lung, the remainder of the same

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former, as contrasted with that of the latter affection, conjoined with the

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sules. Microscopic examination shows a reticulum of connective tis-

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plaint is made up of recurring paroxysms of heart hurry {paroxT/smal

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matic hernia; (e) emphysema; and (/) pleurisy with effusion.

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less important pathological conditions which may reside in other

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may reveal a fissure between the right and left lobes, together with a

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To Test the Absorptive Power. — The method described by Penzoldt

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rical, and while it is intended for practitioners and students, it is a better book for the general

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Patliolog'y. — No constant post-mortem lesions have been found.

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sources in the treatment of the gastro-intestinal, and many of the

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The relationship, however, between chorea and rheumatism is difficult

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abrupt, and may be the first manifestation of Bright's disease in an indi-

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Bismuth Paste in Chronic Suppurations. Its Diagnostic Importance and

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The chronic forms are met with — (a) In certain cachectic states (car-

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moist, and whilst, at the same time, the expectoration is expelled with

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Diagnosis. — A clear history, together with the physical signs and

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Cervical lymphatic glands seldom or Usually markedly swollen glands.

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and, not rarely, there is a diastolic murmur of the same character, indi-

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and Pathology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

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affected, and Ave \ia,\e ptosis or strabismus, facial spasm ov palsy, and, if


increasing distress and radiating pain in the rectum ; these occur, at first,


the upper rectum and lower part of the sigmoid flexure, a large,

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valescence is established in the favorable cases [vide chart, Fig. 80).

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Spasmodic Avry-neck may be tonic or clonic. These forms may co-

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chromic acid or silver nitrate (gr. v-x to sj — 0.324-0.648 to 32.0) in

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