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That so-called cases of concussion of the cord, fol-

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peated every te nor fifteen days. The ef- after the body has been in the water for

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ply because the food happened to have a name commencing

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it appears that a powerful induced current of elec-

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to know the name of the man whose this blanket is ;'

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physiological reasoning, we select the following paragraph —

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fifteen years of age only 2-06 wrote in the mirror fashion. Of 59 males

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proceeded from the artery below the ligature, and that if such

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Prognosis. The disease is almost certain to terminate in (

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hereditary factors could be elicited. Treatment was of no avail. Portions of the

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5 cm. long, the second is in the middle third and is 3 cm. long. The ureter is

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or w^hen the abscess is complicated with sinus phlebitis.

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it had nevertheless resulted in throwing more work upon

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For the next few days the illness took on serious im-

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the prolongation of life ; and it has a local influence limited to the

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titioner Data Bank)? If so, is the person who notified the

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"Anatomy of the Eye and Physiology of Vision," by E. A. Jones. In

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was dwelt upon. In the author's first case there was

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May 14th. — Esophoria 3°, abduction 5°, adduction 16°.

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larly every month and were rather profuse, lasting about

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becondary disorders, and by a general implication of the system ; but

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sclerosis is most extensive in these columns in the lumbar

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conclusion that paroxysms of fever must have occurred a short time be-

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different medical men, and each has borne testimony to their

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possible : either on account of its extreme tenacity, or on account

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ministered the more striking are the results produced

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of its originator, who has already told the story of his discovery

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ment of the sensory rather than of the motor nerves. Pain, par-

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syinptoras were abolished and life was saved for the present.

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mediately for part time with full time in near future.

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and general distress, from which the act of vomiting sometimes

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convolutions. The spasms noticed on the fourth day were the result

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no hesitation in answering this question in the negative. In-

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tees will hold a joint meeting at the Carrollton Hotel,

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already been emphasized in describing the latter (p. 1066 et seq.) . From