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other vessels appeared completely obliterated. None but the thoracic

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resolved to pursue reform work in this matter, by all

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)?ypnyhte pilap • *j heo hapaS lancne 1 pyptpuman *j

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miles away from a Christian land, I besought an'aid above all

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profit by any benefits that might be attached to an " hon-

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faith. Sir E. B. Lytton, had a finger in its construc-

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previously described, although it has not yet been reoperated upon:

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St. Louis. — During the week ending yesterday even-

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We regret to state that Dr. Price-Brown, of Toronto, has not

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of members of a — by courtesy at least — learned profession.

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to avoid the light, and to sit crouched in a corner with the hair

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pendix was accounted for by the fact that the appendix

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his appearance, and he became altogether more cheerful than he

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commonly taken as sure signs that the person is really dead. There appears', j

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noticed dimness of vision in the left eye. This increased

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• Functional d. Nervencentren dcs Frosches, p. i.

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in the prostatic gland — so necessary in order to insure

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reduced daily until 60° F. was reached, was asked how he

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brilliant; the tonsils are excessively hypertrophied. The use of Politzer's

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While no literary production of a man of large expe-

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Note sur la fievre pernicieuse Rev. de iherap.

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gestions so much needed by the hospital interne and,

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ally more than 30 to 70 cc. of filtrate. But too much importance should

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From summary observations on this subject, Dr. Cra-

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who are anxious to learn something of the great advances Avhich have

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The Woman's Medical Club of Chicago gave their first

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or Arabia. The decay of human carcasses in the one case, and of animal

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development of the embryo, which can then remain alive for years

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been convinced of the fact that charity has its limit, and beyond

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tween two hundred and three hundred. The method pos-

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unmarried woman, sought medical advice for abdominal pain, and

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city were the same as the averages of the rates in the other towns.

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peritonitis. The patient was a youth aged eighteen years,

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when the inflammation is fairly at an end. If not, let the laxa-

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