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Tozaar H Used Potassium Medicine

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and disadvantages of each. Then 1 shall try to point out the application

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The measures were instituted by my colleague, Prof. F. H. Hamilton ;

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nish. I think we can readily understand why antitoxine is not curative

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A Contribution to the Clinical Knowledge of Texas Fever

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standing ever}' care used to ensure accurate observation.

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are called, by way of distiniction, false croup. The term is an unfortunate

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the pain which accompanies such operations. Dupuy has found that

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were taken sick in nine clays with what was at first called by Dr. Norman

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continues until death, and is accompanied by a dim-

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nounced degree of dilatation of the aortic arch. This is explained by

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44). Otitis 7ned. dif. Externa ; Otalgia. — Came to the

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the said room of the municipal chamber every Tuesday and Friday from

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measure, to the professional ability of Dr. William M'Eenzie,

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in place, a hole being torn in it opposite the drainage-

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of the Mayflower's Descendants. He was a member of the

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to some mechanical obstruction in the circulation of the blood. At all

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t Do Traitement des Ulcerations chroniques, etc., Paris.

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pilla. This, we have already seen, converts Chronic Pancreatitis. — This condition is

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per by Edward Lund, F.R.C.S.,readatthe annual meeting of the British

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"A patient was brought to me by Dr. I he had felt during the operation, and Mr.

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and there were some white patches also in the lower part

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As for the hemorrhage, the aniemiating action takes

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great advantage, in the treatment of cancerous affections, particularly when

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puncture washing out the lymph. In America, it is a common

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" worked on him " and kept up the practice for about a year

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other derivative of opium, in small doses is occasionally the best hypnotic

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taking place. The latter conditions, although not suf-

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pression, the case may terminate fatally within a week. If, as is usual,

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Thus a soldier was attacked with dysenteric stools, and

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constant disposition to grow worse, until treated. That treatment gave

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the cases of great interest. He thought that it was

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