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afternoon, the zero point should be checked with each weighing,

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position (so-called muscular sense) may be abolished ; so that the patient,

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Dr. Clouston, in the same Journal, states the following conclusion :

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Distribution. — D. exfoliativa is one of the few diseases in which the

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delicacy. Besides his chef-d'ceiwre just alluded to — a poem

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Soon or later general health becomes impaired. Chronic dyspepsia,

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that is, to determine whether it is primary in origin or secondary to

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mindedness, he will limit his endeavours by no stereotyped formula ; he

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of the cell structure becomes fatty. Aneurysmal dilatations are frequent ;

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is still more uncommon. An attack of insanity forms the acme of the

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horizontally but also downwards to an extent varying with every area.

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of our leading medical journal. Established by the enter-

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as a rule, it is acquired, and is then frequently a symptom occurring in

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is more infamous ( !) stocks rose three per cent, upon it in

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opium, quinine, arsenic, mercury (which may also cause it when applied

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portion of the cases. After middle life the remedy certainly loses some

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of the actor, but whether his conduct is or is not adjusted to his circum-

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These are obtained most readily from the blood of mothers who

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Insanity. — According to Dr. Auguste Voisin, of the Salp^triere, no one

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acuta and the slow, malignant, cachectic type — the herpitide exfoliatrice of

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the several affections, previously known under other names, which

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The course of hysterical paralysis is by no means uniform. It may

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The external signs are redness and objective sense of heat to the touch.

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1. Abraham, Ph. Trans. Derm. Soc. of Gt. Brit, and Ire. vol. iii. 1897, p. 36

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The outbreak of zoster seems to be quite uninfluenced by the simul-

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of the Bethlem experiments is much lessened by the fact that in no

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instances have been recorded in patients the victims of marked heredity,

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considerable quantities of iron ; and iron sulphate was found in the sweat.

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or strong solutions on the counting chamber. Remember that the

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especially about the joints, large blotches of irregular shape with well-

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losum. Duhring, followed by most modern dermatologists, separates

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distinguishes them from vices on the one hand, and on the other from

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with enteric fever and acute rheumatism, as well as after the administra-

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elixir, and hang three spiders about his neck, "which drove

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xx. p. 409, "A case of Lepra" (probably the same). — 6. Besnier and Hallopeau.

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the spasm becomes generalised, and after the muscles of the neck and

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is at present described as consisting of four layers — (i.) the molecular, con-

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the coarser and more homely work of the Scotch surgeon,

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treatment than suffices to maintain the general systemic tone. Absolute

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