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recently studied by Mosse. Among 100 cases of malaria, he found
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and that the diagnosis was confirmed in nearly every instance when the
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plegia. With such a lesion, however, we would have had,
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the surgical profession is recognising the fact, for the Council of
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of striated muscle. The connective tissue tension of the second aortic sound, which
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a mortality of one in four and three-sixteenths. In
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by an interval of rest, about equal to the duration of the
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causing, as you see, almost complete obstruction of the colon. This
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For instance, the normal or highest oxidation of the proteid molecule
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Section III of the table is an analysis of the clinical and gross
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" Natural Labour ; Delirium; Gangr&na Uteri; Death. — M. K., a
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four days. At two o'clock that night I was awakened by a courier,
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doctor, he directly went to consult the nearest medical celebrity,
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care costs. We all know that we spend over 12% of the GNP for our health care and