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Orleans, returning via the Central Pacific Railroad,

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or three days. Occasionally the progress of paralysis is much slower,

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populated by a pestilential disease, and its brave physicians unflinch-

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iiDhthalmic. 11 a.m.; Royal Westminster Ophthalmic, H nm ■ ';^

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nerve power, is present in some cases. Bulkley has seen the eruption

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an interference with the glycogenic function of the liver, but

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Leucocytosis is always present, which helps to exclude the last

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preventive medicine has become of paramount interest to

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preparation is not due to any hypnotic pow- P'"t this increased coagulability is not pe-

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paper entitled " Bacteriologic Research in its Relation

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the injury sustained. The assumption of the possibility of a con-

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States Army, due largely to conditions in civil communities.

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mural School." The glowing Janguage he uses in speaking of Mr

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having been kept in a state of entire fluidity by the cold up to

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egg clears coffee. Suspended matter, including bacteria and inorganic

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numerous series — the pupils reacted to light, and either the

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served, nor been able to learn from others, that such

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the tumor had a mosaic-like appearance, transversed by reddish-brown lines

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those of a sanguineous nature, the symptom may persist after the at-

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vascular and general prostration as the most uniform and essential

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the case, for it depends upon the relation of the sac to the vessel, and is due

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Strassb., 1893-4, xviii, 61; 213.— IVicati. La chorio-capil-

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after tracheotomy. In 1553 intubations at the South Department of

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between the years 1876 and 18>S8, when the hospital

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