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an anastomosis between the sixth and seventh nerves.
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for his valuable contributions to medical statistics.
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had considerably decreased in all hospitals in which it had been
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culosis as it was to operate for appendicitis. One of the leading sur-
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Sanderson proceeds to show that whenever an inflamma-
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is often recognizable, since the physician has not only the history to aid him,
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piration must be carried out. The author has seen but one instance of this,
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between three and four years. It is interesting to notice that
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age of the stomach for several years. Notwithstand-
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of ligature of the external iliac for supposed aneurisjn of the common femoral
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children will be feebleminded and three-fourths normal, but of
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consultation, and too proud to ask it for nothing, tell him to
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11. Assistant-Surgeons at home, after completing their time
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bulbous-ended explorer (like those already employed in the previous explora-
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in later examinations it was seen to arise from the right ventricular band. The
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serve, that the learned editor of the Medico-Chirurgical Review
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spray in amputation of the breast he says: "The general course
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tion of the soft parts), in injuries of the joint with laceration of the
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case of true epilepsy or with convulsions symptomatic of intoxication
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can be graded according to their mental capacity ; whilst Prof.
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pleurae which cover the affected parts often undergo inflam-
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the contrary. Hence, the most important diagnostic fac-