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fibers) in clinically normal dogs in a dose-dependent fashion starting at 60 mg/kg/day, a dose that produced mean plasma
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rectus muscle was made at the same time. The results were
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thought, low grade of intelligence, vanity, egoism, and
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Diet and Cookery for Common Ailments. By A Fellow of the Royal
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Dr. E. M. Moore, of Rochester, presented a paper on " Ununited Frac-
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with bone forceps; if the opening is not large enough for
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curacy. Questions of taste, digestibility, and prejudice
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Is it justifiable in all cases to use, as a diagnostic method, any measure that
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But it should not be forgotten that ail the cases reported by these
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particularly with a view to the presence of the normal
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esting to a medical man * abroad * to observe his own
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indeed, the most constant and characteristic symptom, is the
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before the operation. After the patient is material in the stomach, and the vomiting
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veins were full enough of blood. His hands were often cold ; and
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15th, evening 100.8; 16th, evening 100.4; 17th, evening 101.5; 18tb, evening 98.8 ; ISU,
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schools and examining boards could then, upon notice from the
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dif-infectants that has ever been presented to the profession.
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prove hia priority. His own statements of his reasons for not
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4th of April an exploratory operation was performed ; the
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vomited. The safest way to proceed when this time has apparently
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not only of the blood of an animal of an alien species, but even of
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and indiscriminate use of some few mineral substances, etc, excited a
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