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druff has been rubbed. Similar results occur frequently in the

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proportion is merely a, placebo, to keep the mind of my patient at ease.

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experimented on, has been of a negative kind. On the other hand,

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In 1912, Dr. John B. Hawes, 2d of Mass., stated that out of 350

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diphtheria the tubular epithelium first shows degenerative changes,

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text, and to supervise the passage of the latter through the press.

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of convicts admitted from December, 1805, is 348, of whom 106

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the chapter which he devotes to the subject of special

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In one or two areas there are seen masses of cells, irregular

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As some of you know I plan to return to India to work in a mission hospital. If in the future any of you would

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low, which indicates the beginning of suppuration. The size of these

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stump healed kindly and rapidly, and in three weeks he was out.

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a few weeks ago. She had well-marked club-fingers, and the history

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many doctors have told women that these symptoms were due to

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Goltz's brainless dogs. He sleeps and wanders round the room alternately ;