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presented them in a simple and familiar style, giving greater prominence to
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pearance of superficial thinning. Where the scales were easily re-
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or less abundance. The skin is more or less red and congested.
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importance. It is not directly dependent upon observations made
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of manpower and economy, and for reduction of the demand and
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or palpable; while in bed he had little discomfort, so soon as he
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gressively the germ is closed in, imprisoned in a kind of cyst, whose
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grey tubercles, not a quarter of an inch being free in any part
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bear no special causative relation to the affection, but exist
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then required to chart the positions on a printed form (fig. 14).
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taken without selection, chiefly from patients who have
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stroyed by fire as soon as possible after using. No piece
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ward, through which a probe could be passed, and from wliich
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living in the infected neighborhoods in Manila. On the other hand,
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more than fall to the lot of most. Soon after graduation, he was
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comfort to attract attention to them. They are often
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The past year has been particularly so. Scarlatina, typhous fever and
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tumors, aneurisms, or enlarged glands. Unilateral paralysis can
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those cases in which the impairment of sight is partial, the pupils often
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long, by one-half inch wide and one-half inch thick,
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two of these stomatitis was the earliest symptom. The appear-
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motor mechanism is of overwhelming importance in maintaining the
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.sclerosis. Blood pressure 148. P.vorrhea alveolaris.