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suddenly falling below the average of health. Aside from frequency, the

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from 50*5 (February) to 40*0 (July). The average yearly rain-

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PEAU, Professor of Surgical Clinique, etc. etc. Carefully revised, entirely

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origin is conjectural. Acoustically, they are not essentially different from valvular

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death from asphyxia seems imminent, a slackening in severity occurs, and

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than in the previous seventeen years, during which careful

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30 Changes in the Gornu Ammonis in Epileptics. Bratz.

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the infecting germ. Halstead found that when the omentum was

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experiments had been entirely normal. These doubts were

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pressed upon by a narrow pelvis, or interfered with unnecessarily or severely

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1883, ii, 492-494.— Rotteiibiller (.1.) Esk6ros elmezavar

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ing secret session with the Creator — pronounce her to have

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mal position. The author did not think that in this

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may be that many of the patients who afterwards suffer chorea

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enlargement of the thyroid gland, acceleration of the cardiac rate.

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operation in 1 1 5 males below the age of puberty without

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— (Huss, Carswell) — and to the destructive effect of the in-

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To the Editors of the Southern Calijornia Practitioner:

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of the skin with iodine, and when this was recovered from,

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optic tract than into that one of the same side. But this

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an external restlessness; this feeling of anxiety or terror seems to be

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It is believed that the schools and hospitals seen comprise the

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false step, and from the sudden jerk whicli the hand in a state of pronation

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be as little strain as possible on the usual perma-