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observations and inquiries concerning the cause of the jail fever,

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the supply of respiration and nutrition. Such would be the action of phospho-

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plegia is characterized by loss of voluntary movement resulting from

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muscular fibres ; some of the latter occur also in the trabeculce.

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is deficient in acid. If the fever is long-continued, the body

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stances which combined with the nitrogenous residues of

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family, he would be justified in at least looking for

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gether with an equal or double volume of air, at a tempera-

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treatment of metabolic alkalosis Dilutional hyponatremia may occur in edematous patients in hot weather,

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The study of the present case is interesting, as it confirms

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of Uriage water, for instance, stomatitis disappears rapidly, even

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it matters not whether political or religious, to be taken care of

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or in the brain as the result of pathological obliteration of the cere-

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the syrup the right consistency, and strain while hot.

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I admit, sometimes impracticable in town, either because patients

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A concretion or foreign body when found in an inflamed appendix naturally

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synrploms simtrlatiirg general nervous disease. Tr. Am.

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ing brought into subjection, the lessons of experience, if not

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sometimes I have found it desirable to use a cathe-

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fatal and successful cases, the latter, however, bearing but a small

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Alabama. Reprint requests should be directed to 701 Ridgeway

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of geologists afford reasons for believing that before the creation of the

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** Another case was that of a woman, the mother often children,

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