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to enjoy a monopoly of operative work of this character.

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above. But unless interpreted in the light of the case

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gretted his loss and elected him an honorary member.

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in the nystagmus associated with head-nodding in children, see article on

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In the case of the zinc-mercury cataphoreses of Dr. Massey the

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ing events are impressing upon us. We recognise at one time

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ham. Mr. Reginald Harrison, Surgeon General Sir \V. E.

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is, especially, useful to persons who are subject to swelling of any of the

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retinal hemorrhages quite common in this affection,

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abdominal walls, with disappearance of rigidity. This was

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vaso-dilator influences which are brought about by the condition under

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from the Graafian follicle, it carries with it the adherent cells forming

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glad that two members of the Society have taken up this subject

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