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within the child-bearing period, may often constitute an inducement to us to
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may be impaired in insanity. The nature and degree of impair-
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the mesoduodenal— the adhasion of the right aspect of
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other occupation, and frequently complains of being hungry.
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atrophy is constant. The jaundice in this disease is described as " hemato-
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1 De 1' Auscultation Mediate, 1819, i, 123 (Brosson et ChaudS, Paris).
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glad that two members of the Society have taken up this subject
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tune site is selected. Such an official, trained and instructed
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MacConnell, Davidson; Dr. John B. Wright, Raleigh; Dr. O. C.
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" In other cases, including those in which the exudate is confined to
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examination, and carefully investigated every part of the specimen, but
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Calabar, and the Akazga-poison of the Gaboon; and, among the
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or symptom of local disturbance was present. My index finger, inserted as
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In this case the salt was 1.81 per cent. The butter, which will b©
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Turkish bath to be taken at regular intervals, say once a week, the
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carbonate or other salts of lead in the stomach into the insoluble and inert
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are necessary. Boils on the face are very liable to lead to
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relieve pain for long periods of time. This observation
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Egg-Plant Fritters.— Select a large egg plant and
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Empire can only be persuaded to adopt the index of morbidity
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domen, and rough pressure being well borne. In some cases the
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Chronic pharyngitis is often a much more troublesome, though
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are due to a perverted imagination, and that much of
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155 cases with 110 deaths; in the villages, with an aggregate popula-
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t-o™^ o t> o >r r, A definition of reflex neurosis would, in my
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temperature in places at no great distance from each
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overhung its cartilaginous mai^gin. In drilling the upper