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nity against another, this immunized serum can not be prepared, as in

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some cases such changes, if more thoroughly understood,

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Fields of vision perfect for both objective and color tests.

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ionable in this treatment, and at one time burnt sponge was much

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50 to 100 milliamperes there is a scarcely perceptible in-

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Cousin, professor at Lille, has been made professor of opera-

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the kidney and the meatus urinarius, and the only ex-

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312x100 feet and six stories high. The loss will amount

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members of the Profession. Skating had been carried on

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3. The operation is not justifiable with present statis-

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seen many cases strikingly similar to this one and one in which

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limit analysis on follow-up data obtained from hospital

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per cent. Group III, the remainder, forty per cent, have

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often become rapidly infected by various organisms.

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The series is unfortunately incomplete, for no complete extractions

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authors under the head of phthisis, comprising ulcerous

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bution, which should be left as it is. This course will be

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felt painful and swollen. The glands of the neck are most frequently

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such an instance be tainted with true tubercular matter in the

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original illustrations of epiphyta. The appendix of formulae is

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was considerable inflammation, there was a small round opening

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can be carried out. For instance, the application of the

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1893, i, 1220.— Syme (J.) Excision of the elbow-joint.

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conditions. In cases in which the tissue was macerated

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up over a thousand cases that have been examined by other physicians

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Moore Xeligan, M D., M.R.I. A., etc. Fifth American, from