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easily have led to the same error. — British and Foreign Medico- Chirurgical

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22. Capivaeceus, Hieronymus. Medic, practic, liber i, cap.

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For 'constitutional ' treatment, Calmette's antivenene serum ought

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7.30 p. m., the pulse becoming very small and rapid, and respiration irregular

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Brazil, iu quarantine, because he had no doubt that

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hardness of tumoui* ; absence of flooding ; increased

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tation may be situated at any point from its peripheral to its central

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A curious fact also obtained in those cases, namely,

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the patient suffered from pain in the lower part of her back, and

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to relieve as far as possible a developed on the fact that their tables showed that the

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at all coagulated, is perhaps as rapidly chvmified as any article of diet

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A captain in one of our foreign corps in Malta became

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or conidin and mycelium of the parasite. Both are much larger than

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thyreoid elixir, by the same ; and thyreoid extract, made

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day, when pain and swelling returned, and death from peritonitis occurred on

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resection for him and his bowels were moving normally, and

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tion is less rapid in the presence of sodium carbonate and is almost

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of the Profession of Medii-ine in America," a writer

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within reach and is promptly cured. At the next meeting

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Times, of ISTew York, about fifty elaborate and carefully-pre-

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