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Instead of this course of conciliation and forbearance, many members
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Among the eye instruments at the Episcopal Hospital, when he
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ably in weight and strength, the loss in weight estimated at 50
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operation for the removal of tonsils and adenoids, nearly expired under
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of the Bordet bacillus is on trial. In the few cases the writer
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Their tenets and customs as to sexual alliances may be
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2 Lewis, M. R., Anat. Rec, 1915-16, x, 287. Lewis, M. R., and Lewis, W. H.,
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and shoulder, are affected in combination. In an analysis of 21 cases
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cious drugging. It goes without saying that the prompt proper handling of a
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symptoms. He referred to the pain that is indefinite, not
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may result in the formation of cysts. Lazarus has shown that a small
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articular surfaces of the cuboid and scaphoid bones are taken off with
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subject, and spread the doctrines of Galen and Hippocrates by
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knee or the ankle; rheumatic arthritis generally begins
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association with arterial sclerosis, Bright's disease, and fatty change.
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Med. Obozr., Mosk., 1898, 1, 665- 667.— Young (J. K.)
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patient with hookworm disease gets very anemic, but the blood condition
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knee. Healing was delayed for eighteen months. When at last
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Case of Fistulous Opening Between the Ileum and the Fundus of
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He investigated his cases thoroughly, usually arrived at a correct
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to a county hospital. Such treatment is now allowed
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all. Old persons do not have so much pain with biliary
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tion of this affection from diabetes mellitus, or saccharine diabetes.
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Four leading principles on which rational practice is founded must be
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experiments, so that the stomach and small intestines were completely empty when the fluid
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small coronary arteries at drug levels which cause little or no
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The following are not instances of the proper use of pessaries. To keep the