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and now we have 50 and often more children. As soon as we *et a
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on a case of lipodystrophia progressiva. We, therefore, thought that as
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There have been 22 cases of pneumothorax in the Bethany
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operated upon by Cliristopher Heath ; one by Dr. Fenwick, of Montreal ;
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process and suppurates; and, rarely, iu that way cures
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than does the disease under consideration, but we have already
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F.R.C.P. Ed., Pathologist to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh . 201
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taneously when the organ is excised, we will be prepared
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lished observations by members of this association, before
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sllla); PI/., pyramis; IMw, lobus bivcntralis (cuneiform or digastric lobe); iv., tuber vnlvul« sen posticum (tuber*; Lt.^
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Case CCGXLVII. In expulsion of a blighted ovum suffered transverse
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for weeks by the injection of such repeated doses protect it from the
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disease properly treated, it is seldom that any organ or tissue is
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1 mm. The individual muscle-fibers were not perceptibly hypertrophied.
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of the liver to the cut edges of the peritoneum. In this
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K., Liverpool, — Dr. Sutro, in his work on "Health Resorts and Mineral
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Simon's Cunicax Diagnosis. — A Manual of Diagnosis by Micro-
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fully checked by any remedy. The vomited matter consists of large
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tacit agreement as to the inhibitory effect of shock
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" Your Committee beg leave to report in brief, that they have ful-
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physician, in which the rupture takes place in young and apparently
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sirable conditions, allow 2; for fair conditions, aUow 1; poor conditions, 0.
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there were 1144 amputations, as follows : At the hip-joint, 3 ; thigh, 360 ; at
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France. Di/partement de Vinalriiclion [etc. ] — con.