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over whole body, not disappearing on pressure, also on palms and soles.

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with the ordinary dyes, but not by Gram's method. The best results

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sorption. In regard to the secondary eftects, there

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tion of diseases depending upon their producing pain, their substrata,

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anchors in the treatment of sepsis, and many good authorities add

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The spinal cord below the level of the third cervical

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1896, X, 84-88.— Ijawson (G.) Sympatlietie oiihihalmia;

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Communications are invited from all parts of the world.

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me nursing period or by children under 12. In elderly and debilitated, limit to smallest effective

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diarrhoea. These symptoms continued till July, when a

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provide such service, which is being done in other states.

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the fresh pupil whom we are considering — one of us per-

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porary deafness otherwise set up. — The Hospital. -

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But Dr. Bennett goes much further than this, and, appealing

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de l extremite inferieui c du femur. J. d. sc. m6d. de Lille,

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three times daily. The patient's mind remained clear,

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