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primarily of small amoebic abscess formations in the

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or peri-appendicular suppuration, surgical intervention

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the sinus, and, if the necrosis proved to be of limited extent and

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preparations, including the citrate, I believe the claim

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and properly treated there would be many less cases of

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tissue and larval worms in the blood. She recommends for this purpose a

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and on all classes of patients, without regaid to age or

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first stunned by a blow upon the head, then hung up by the hind legs

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bandages applied. The wound healed in a few days, the patient having experienced entire

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15th, evening 100.8; 16th, evening 100.4; 17th, evening 101.5; 18tb, evening 98.8 ; ISU,

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3. " Manual of Diseases of Children," John Madison Taylor, Phil., 1901.

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of acting, as it usually does, by rousing the visual word-centre to con-

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cysts, area of chronic meningitis or cerebral softening.

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from eight to sixteen ounces, the strength being gradually increased.

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again in a sarcoma of the femur in a boy of the same age, and adds

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they always retained some urine. To their presence was also

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as in the Crimean war, our own civil war, the Franco-Prussian

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to avoid any undue force and only a soft tube employed, as ulcers in

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Wilson belongs to that class and under such circumstances re-

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lateral Issues. By Greenfield Sluder, M.D., F.A.C.S.,

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fourth ventricle in the neighbourhood of the calamus scriptorius. Its

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Alcohol and the Motor Vehicle: A Social and Economic

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cancer, which usually kills by slow torture, in some situa-

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M.S.Lond., F.R.C.S.Eng., and Eric Pearce Gould, M.D., M.Ch.Oxon.,

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surgical cases, but there is little mention made of

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The secondary symptoms last from two to three months (the usual duration)

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polished from peripilar sclerosis, but sections display the plugs and