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or Other a blue glass, medium tint, seems to act better when a

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These symptoms last in their severity for only a few days, and then either

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of the instrument must be led to the opposite side and at the

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J, W. BORST & CO., Publishers, 5 S. Howard Street.

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Eitlier hyper- or hypoacidity may be associated with supersecretion ;

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the barometer ranged higher every month but August and

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one of the papers of Philadelphia contained a glow-

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however, that calculi as large as the kernel of a hazel-nut

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apply the stimulus a number of times, but the tracing can finally be

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orrhoea was clearly present. York M. J., 1886. xliv,

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schools. It is nicely illustrated and printed, but needs

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pabulum for proliferation on the meninges, by virtue not only of

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abundant. At this point, with the least displacement of the instrument, and

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had been so much stretched over the surface of the tumour was drawn inwards

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which persist after the career of the fever is ended. A temporary fever

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produced by renal embolism also ; of this statement, however, satisfactory

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there was an entire separation of the epidermis and

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(6) That mixed wet and dry garments should not be treated in the

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in the South. I do not care to discuss the nice distinc-

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Dr. Leopold Casper of Berlin, Germany, has continued to make

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should be considered — namely, if these combinations do exist,

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By this is meant the condition of the congenitally unexpanded lung

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the purpose of taking into consideration the subject of pre-

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■or impinge on the cold summits of mountains. There are three ways in

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account of the fact that had ether been used in this case we would

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generation, not to the male seed but to the celestial bodies, especially to

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Oakley Vanderpoel, M.D., Health Officer of the Port of New York,

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^Royal Colleges, Edinburgh and Glasgow. (As at Oxford.)

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Some prescribe calomel, and then lie about it, while others sub-

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of course. in the French language. A work on the cholera is not now