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that hysterectomy gives, and when I say hysterectomy I mean complete extirpa-

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with indifference, but must make such regulations as

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more or less danger of injury from falling, but the gen-

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ternal carotid and internal jugular; external carotid

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involves no theory as to its causation or pathology; it

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independent means of ventilation, and it is not possible to

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Permanent in the air. Soluble in 3.2 parts of water. Almost

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• 3d. The languor, fever, and nervousness attendant on extreme heat tend

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bolism) tends to this condition and the extension of the coagulum.

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gans, those over which he has no direct control, work on in their natural rapidity ;

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erythematous type of the disease is first manifested as a relapse in

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few days, disappear from the alveoli and pass into the

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2. Granular Tubercles, or Miliary Granulations, - - 478

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head of the newborn, and the surface was smooth. The

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then best obtained by light from a six-volt electric

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mo., 1853, Dr. K. was called, at 7 P. 31., on 26th. Vertex presenting,

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Peronin. — Dr. Meltzer concludes that (1) this remedy (benzyl-

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A further examination proved that the two jiresenting

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« To preserve the balance, it is evident the body of the

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