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the doctrine that resistance was not continued long enough.
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In man there was no period in life in which they knew the epiglottis
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nective-tissue spaces under their resi)ective membranes
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oftener during the day, and the ingestion of food that
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in structural alterations. The latter are commonly called degenerations.
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number of different trees of the leguminose order, grow-
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object of preventing or limiting further mischief. In suppuration of some of
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function symptoms which should be ascribed to interfer-
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or chronic nephritis will not, of course, clear up as promptly on empty-
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by a well constructed microscope gave almost as perfect an idea of the object
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occurrence of an acute p.irenchymatous nephritis, pursuing
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evidence of even a speaking acquaintance with genuine rural work.
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'.•ases (leptomeningitis, pachymeningitis) the level of the disease may
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and at its height. We shall consider each separately.
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third class includes the surgical sections ; General Surgery,
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" change of local fluids " is therefore fraught with profound
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Changes of temperature must make notable impressions on the system ;