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ever be its merits — -and we do not deny that it may have merits —
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allowing assisted suicide “may be permitted to pass does
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cautery, which restrained the haemorrhage in great measure,
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sufferer cannot move from the position in which the attack
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" If those bodies are excluded from our consideration which do not appear,
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tlie heart, is related in the Med. Chir. Trans. Vol. XL
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vigour sx 70 big pit reels and Throat. Edited by Casey host, and this, in turn, calls forth the phag-
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tion to be assumed, prevents the prolonged examination which is necessary.
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to studie in Paris ; and when I did Saye that I coulde not
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upon as produced by the introduction of some putrescent
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crypts, expelling much of their contents, aud causing
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plains why the strangulated part was so small at first, the
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judgment of the work has already been sufficiently deserved reputation. — Va. Med. and Surg. Journal.
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well contacts who have given two succes- contained well-stained Nissl granules, which
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fore. The child at that time presented a large abdom-
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nel, and Total Army Medical Service are shown distributed among
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and the disease osteomalacia is supposed to be due to some disordered
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maintaining, in opposition to Pouchet of Rouen, that there is no sponta-
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break of poliomyelitislike illness in student nurses. N Engl J Med 1957;
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other operations are used when necessary. Active hyperemia
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which finds its way to the brain, is a diseased cardiac valve. The
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immobility of the hammer and anvil, might be remedied by the excision of
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stichochrome granules disappear from the cells, to reappear once more
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weight, and recover entirely when the treatment is suf-
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