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system, that of the Surrey County Hospital, Giitlv i „ ^„wi (nr-
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the stricture is above a certain point, then extirpation becomes im-
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painful turgidity of the breasts, insomnia or other disturbing symptoms. The cyclic
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Fi<;. 7. — Cask XXII. — Vessel ami aiieiuysiu iii .1. section of
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The doctor said : Few people always, most people seldom and many people
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tively httle needed. It may, however, still be desirable to give the latter
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It is quite probable that there is no such thing as a useless or fiinc-
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where the bones are subcutaneous. The diminished elasticity consideiabiy
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On the motor side. — Motor paralysis is the most evident of all ob-
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In the first stage — that of the earliest noticeable vulner-
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physiological counter-poisons, the action of the toxic sub-
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rise to one of its most prominent symptoms, has already been shown.
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To those who have once seen a case of this kind, and
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increase, and ultimately break down by decomposition in its central por-
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work as is wax for the bone itself. Horsley uses hot saline or weak
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life is increased or diminished, since the reactions which
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being thus secured, the forceps is closed, and the morbid
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termine the number of segments necessary for the complete
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drawn up, from the fact that groups of cases always have a