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What Is The Meaning Of Tts In Catapres Tts Patches

of tuberculosis, special prominence is to be given to

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what is the meaning of tts in catapres tts patches

February 23, 1895, the same operation was performed a second time at

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above (28 and 47). There was nothing in the pre-operative history or

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Hospital, he noticed that in nearly every one of the

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Magruder, G. M., Surgeon. Granted one month's leave of

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ported, making a total of 1,076 cases during the week.

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features of the disease, and, curiously enough, were

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Whitney, Walter, Lieutenant, Aledical Reserve Corps.

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and well. His mother, eighty years of age, was living

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published in the London Lancet of January 9, 1897. Other animals,

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Mealth of Chicago: Typhoid fever, 76 cases, 5 deaths;

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the purpose. Cotton or cloths used about the patient

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will be seen, then, that of the 141 cases, 109, or about 77 per cent., began

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