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hold it, and it is among the possibilities that no re-
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oldest patient in my series was eighty-four years of age ; but the disease
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ought to be more than usually bud and j)iobably associated with more or
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of a child of that same age. The whole region, as seen by the
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the name of The New England Botanic Medical and Surgical Jour-
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will keep the feet much warmer than by wearing the woollen next
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on, but he slept pretty well that night, and felt no effects
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of carbons of different diameters increases in proportion to
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the combat zone, is the responsibility of the theater air force com-
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recovery took place ; in this extremely severe case, admitted into St.
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Pathological Section of this Society, Dr. Thiele and Dr. Embleton made
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The operation, it is always to be borne in mind, is
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and it is undoubtedly true in many instances that much good can be
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pus infection with enlargement of the tributary cervical glands.
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potent factor than syphilis, and that more than 45 per cent, of all
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Herbst, CME coordinator, St. Louis University School of
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fracture. If you pass your finger into the wound, you
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food is an adulteration. Broadly, this may consist in the mixing
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manner described above, I prepared him for weaning. Everything
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ankle-joints, left knee-, right shoulder-joint, and right metacarpophalangeal articulation
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We now deal with a curable disease, and panion and imperils the lives of the people
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student will learn more by attending in the wards of
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lic opinion, hut mainly for policy's sake, the othcers
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much larger doses. Tlie patient who did the best, had
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acquaintance met them, and apprised them of the error they were
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of permanent stenosis did bronchiectasis occur.' ' It seems evident,
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that amidst the increasing refinements and luxuries of modern times it
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were gently handled in the efforts at taxis, and operated on early,
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vaso-dilator influences which are brought about by the condition under
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Friendly Societies not less than 1 Os. per annum each member.
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Cb is now (June 24, 1845) about two inches and a haU
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in Heidelberg; Arch. f. klin. Chir., Ixxi, Part 1, Transactions of the Congress for In-
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all legally qualified physicians who are not eligible to
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