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dwellings have been closed during the year, and the Health
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of movement, and caused search to be made everywhere
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authors. Chancrous folliculitis, or follicular soft chancre, is an affection which
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instal)ility may precede the other symptoms by a year or more.
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The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. Fourth Decennial
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together with other glands in the body, undergo a process of involu-
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At the autopsy, made twenty-four hours after death,
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AN acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous and sometimes also of
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at the call of suffering have rushed to almost certain doom, of the
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1357. " The above results of my practice are more favourable
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appears entirely proven that man is susceptible to tuberculosis caused
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pounds, raw beef 10 pounds, candles 2 pounds ; total, 16 poiLuds ;
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ing it foully and wrong for some improper purpose."
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belonged to the perithelial variety. On admission to the clinic there
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and the woman was discharged well in torty-six days. This operation
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Made use of sensibly upon proper occasions, in digestive defects,
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matic cause, is ascribed to a condition of the system prominent in the one under
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bone. After consultation, on December 17, 1694, he enlarged the opening by
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lished in the Medical Examiner. — A man died on the 19th at Quebec,
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The President said they were under a double debt of gratitude
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his symptoms and his syphilis seems to have been overlooked by his
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There is much, ho^^ever, in the minute anatomy both of the skin
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nearly cold. It should now have the consistency of thick
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should be thoroughly explored with the finger to ascertain
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of the printer's art it is not to be excelled. The illustrations are profuse
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to be followed at irregular intervals by other similar outbreaks. They
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1885-6. i, 37-41.— Haullain (F.W.N.) The' advantages
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symptoms may imitate those of peritonitis due to perforation of a gastric
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than E. coli. This of course would accord with Schaudinn's highly refractile
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to put entire confidence in statements, such as that suppuration
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young, epilepsy is often the cause of imbecility, varying from the lighter
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becomes warmer, the countenance assumes a more natural appearance