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as yet almost a virgin soil, inviting to its cultivation, promising

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cause of fatal obstruction. It may follow strangulation, or upon

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(Acis Spinosa and Scaurus Striatus). These receive the infection from

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ing has a distinct moral value. But its period of use

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Senna and hydrastis are given according to the follow-

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columns. It would be seen that the column of Tilrck, or the

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more exalted office ; the increase in the size of the

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alcohol. It Avas transformed, chietly in the intestine, into

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or to proceed down the path of enlightened, yet realistic, preventive medicine.

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The quantity of sugar in diabetic urine is very vari-

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most absurd ideas of their works and claims, although

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The acute focus begins as a collection of polymorphonuclear cells which

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GAL Record) as being more satisfactory and less apt to

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chronicity of the affection, the absence of a dusky margin, and a serpi-

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guests there are mentioned none of the Jefferson College

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The captain of our ship remarked to me one day, that

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are adopting the plan of campaign against tuberculosis

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history are incomplete, as he left Denver before I had the

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and if this were thoroughly done, no disinfectants would

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portion of the materia medica paraded forth as suitable remedies to be

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was to be ascribed, as if, like the slovenly practitioner, they

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With respect, I am yours fraternally, D. Homer Batchelder.

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was one of rheumatism, with pericarditis, endocarditis,

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rare to meet with hepatic enlargement and induration, attended by a

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eating fruit, and to impress the necessity of caution

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ter, the patient struggling so violently as to require his

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" Thus Wunderlich found typical cases of the disease in two sisters, aged