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The gastric mucosa is found thickened, opaque, and yellow-white in

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mind. ' ' — Liverpool Medico- Chirujgical Journal.

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the perfect decomposition of the nitrogenous elements of food and tis-

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Professor of Orthopedics and Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery,

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question some of the wonderful advances that we are told are being

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a few cases of my own. I have also observed favorable results from care-

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Cutaneous Symptoms. — The temperature may at intervals be moderately

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number of cases, however, is still very large. If we could devise some way

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The plans as developed call for the erection of a four-story

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worms in the duct (rarely) ; (b) Foreign bodies, as seeds ; (e) Ulceration

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Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and the Nauheim Treatment. L. F. Bishop.

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Diagnosis. — A certain diagnosis is rarely possible. Heart-anguish,

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inates (dilatation with hypertrophy). Compensation has now been rupt-

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but upon the functional activity, of the gland, and this fact, together

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A Text-Book on Pharmacy. Charles Caspari. $4.25. Lea & Febiger.

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lower third of the esophagus (generally at the point where the left

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at the time used it may be dissolved in Avater or in glycerin. Of Tiz-

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has also been described by some authors. It is to be observed, however,

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and be conveyed to the brain (cerebral embolism), to the spleen (splenic

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On percussion we may note alterations in the size of the organ.

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of marked hardening and weakening of the arteries. There may be

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sociation the former is more frequently the primary disease than the

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Surgical Technic for Nurses. By Emily A. M, Stoney. late Superintendent

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remains for an indefinite period of time. The appendix may touch